Sunday, March 20, 2016

UM Blewett Law School

Does 10 million dollar whitewashing work?

The Alexander Blewett III law school thinks so.  In 2012, the Montana Law School was ranked last by US News, and the ABA for law schools.  Hence, whitewashing is alleged to work to improve a reputation.

Let me help you with that.

The school allows law students to prosecute unsupervised, which is more than one felony, it is at least two.  It is also a violation of a court order, ethical breech, among other transgressions.

Back in 2009, I made a video about the Law school in Missoula Montana and some of their problems.

This makeover was the first $40 M makeover 

Angela Wetzsteon practiced law in 2007 unsupervised and graduated in 2008.

One of the bigger issues about stepping foot on the Missoula campus of the University of Montana is the rape problem.  The school was investigated by the justice department, and the local police, and UM Blewett law campus were found to be lacking when protecting female students.

If the Blewett law school in Missoula MT is on the campus where rapes were and are a problem, as a male or female student why would you attend?  The fly fishing?

Now that Blewett law students only pass the Montana Bar with 60% success, why would you spend up to $100,000 on your "education"?  Since Montana ranked 48/50 for justice in 2007 how well respected do you think your University of Montana Blewett School of Law JD will be?

Carla Grey, the former Chief Justice of Montana said in a dissent that UM Blewett School of Law students should not have to take the Bar Exam since they are allowed unsupervised (felony impersonation, perjury) in Montana Courtrooms as law students in 1996.

Current Chief Justice Mike McGrath has ethical issues that the Chicago Tribune published in 2007 which did not stop the corrupt engine that allows him in his seat, who with the wife of the US Attorney also on the high bench allowed UM Blewett law students to practice unsupervised even though it is against a Montana Supreme Court order from 1975 for student law practice.

So your professors at UM Blewett will protect crime, and apparently go along with the problems in state.  White-washing for a new school and a new name will not stop the problems at UM Law Blewett.

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