Monday, January 16, 2012

MLK's Dream was stolen

Today in America we watch as the Occupy movement participants were arrested, and saw abusive force by law enforcement, notably the skull fracture of Occupier Scott Olson in Oakland CA.

We wonder if MLK's dream is gone....or was it stolen?

We wonder where the right to life has gone as US Border Patrol Agent Brain Terry was killed by weapons supplied by the US Justice Department, and US Judges seal the grand jury information.

Agent Brian Terry had his life taken by the government he served proudly.
U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian

When a group of Americans, within the Baby Boom generation (b.1945-1965) decide that America need not have its constitutional rights, MLK's dream of reaching a mountaintop together is not attainable.  As men of America decide to condone torture, disallow speech, assembly, and petitioning government we are not the land of the free, we are the land of the owned and oppressed.

As the death of US Border Patrol agent Terry by a weapon the US Justice Department intentionally sold to Mexican criminals, we have no accountability in the USA for our governments.  We are not free.  We are given a web of lies by our media who cannot sustain a viable business model, and throughout the world hack cell phones, and other crime to maintain their viewers interest.

As our first African American president ignores civil rights, and allows them to be defiled, we are not free.  As President Obama "worships" MLK he is not paying homage to our nations struggles, and victories.  He is not answering his heritage, but merely a political agenda that is as bankrupt as the men who decided that civil rights of any American should be taken away.

The men who created enemy combatants.

The Mayors in the USA who do not hold law enforcement accountable.

The US Justice department who are merely sorry for Brian Terry's death, and it is a political problem that can avoid indictment, because African Americans are Attorney General, and President.

Americans suffer as rights are not allowed, or upheld in American Streets, Courtrooms, or in executive offices of those who swore an oath to uphold the US Constitution and its Amended Rights.

MLK also gave his rights, and is remembered in January each year.  The question is, what are we celebrating if we have no rights, and we have no dream?

August 28, 1963
Are we celebrating the end of America?  That was not MLK's dream. 

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  1. Martin Luther King was the father of the Occupy Movement. We stand on his shoulders. We celebrate what began with Martin and we honor him by working to realize his vision. Justice deferred is justice denied. We must end corporate wars abroad, restore civil rights at home, ban illegal rendition, assassinations, wiretapping, and drone attacks. And we must join the rest of the civilized world by banning judicial homicide. Murdering prisoners, some of them innocent, is a crime. A crime which continues in America.
    We deserve peace, justice, freedom and a restoration of civil rights and effective schools. There is no reason the richest and most powerful nation on earth cannot effectively educate her people and provide for their health and well-being. If we stopped spending trillions of dollars underwriting the munitions industry, we could repair our infrastructure
    and build a better tomorrow.
    We, the 99% can take it back. We need not compromise our values: fear and no surrender to the fear mongers and profiteers.
    in Solidarity,
    The Portland Alliance: The voice of the people...


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