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Jim Messina is Bullshit

The early campaign videos for Barack Obama, or as the insiders know him, BO touted that $1B was neeeded to counter the Republicans.  They were fighting a corporate cold war, where the only winner is the same corporations that donate to both parties.  First Jim Messina wants $1B, and now he is calling himself for what his is, absolute Bullshit.

Nice Haircut--what is Jim Messina 12 years old?

Notice SIX (6) maps show Montana, Idaho as a Democratic victory
---that did not happen in 2008.
although Jim Messina tried.
[ Note: there are five (5) Jim Messina pathways, and six (6) maps, what Bullshit]

Jim Messina went to the University of Montana in Missoula Montana, and became Student Democratic President prior to graduating in 1993.  Does this sound like the early videos from where Karl Rove was a pinhead and politics became his power, and life?  Jim Messina is on the alumni board at the Unversity of Montana, and was interviewed by the University of Montana:

Jim Messina shovels some bullshit about himself, and the University of Montana.

Jim Messina actually telling people he thinks U Montana got him in the White House.
[Note to Jim Messina--its a tier III school].

Jim Messina decided as he was so powerful that laws, were not an issue anymore.  He helped cover up a crime with a US Presidential appointment to the former Dean of the University of Montana Law School to Mr. Edwin Eck.  Jim Messina's "dad" Max Baucus also donated $1.7M to the law school.
see more: This one may hurt Max:

Jim Messina asked the American Bar Association to look the other way for violations of standards at the University of Montana Law School.  The ABA was more than willing to go along for Jim Messina.
read more: ABA protects Vandals [U Montana law students who steal Americans rights]
The University of Montana ABA report on standards violations:

The biggest issue that not many people have realized is that Montana puts out fatherless figures, like Manchurian political figures, Jim Messina is one of them who have never been grilled by a media, or tested in the public.  Here are a few from Montana---

Mike Mansfield---House Speaker in the 1970's
Max Baucus--US Senator who created Obamacare, arrested disenters.
Jim Messina-- claimed at a May 2009 Democratic Dinner in Helena, MT Max was like a father to him

Other fatherless fraud of note:

The 44th President of the United States--Barack Obama, or BO as his campaign calls him.
read more:  Crime in Ravalli County, Montana, The Nation

Jim Messina began his political career in Montana where the print media is owned by one company, Lee Enterprises, whose CEO is on the AP board for newspapers (this is handy for Jim Messina).
see more:
Montana Print Media Exposed!

So when Jim Messina is saying that the Democrats are raising $1B and then are saying this is Bullshit, Montana is known for calling a spade a spade.  Jim Messina is the real genuine, cowpile.  He is the biggest loser, the "tall douchebag" that needs flushed from the White House, say bloggers from the DC beltway.  Jim Messina has no high standard of education, no desire to uphold values, and only goes to crass to desperately elect an un-electable candidate that could not carry Montana when the Governor endorsed, stumped for Obama in 2008 at the DNC Denver, and his campaign manager Jim Messina hails from. 

read more: The Jim Messina Political Show & His Criminal Leaks to get Legislation "passed"

Here's no Bullshit: Obama lost Montana in 2008, and will do so again in 2012.  Jim Messina swiped a letter asking BO for CIVIL RIGHTS from April 2009.  Lets make this clear: Jim Messina is the BOZO who stopped a request for civil rights from the first African American US President, and expects to elect him by crying bullshit from his own campaign promise.

We the (ordinary) People of Montana call that BULLSHIT.

Montana US President Letter from 2009 [see first paragraphs for civil rights--and the other 10pg].
Jim Messina's lapdog, that is: US PRESIDENT OBAMA on Civil Rights....
The Jim Messina Political Show, full of BULLSHIT is taking over as agenda.

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  1. 2013 Update: instead of getting a cabinet position, or high US Gov't position, Jim Messina is being treated like the pile of dung that he is, and appears to be a nobody.


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